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The ultimate burn: 7 X 7 X 7


We don’t know about you guys, but seven just so happens to be our favourite number. There are seven seas. There are seven deadly sins. There are seven days in the week. In fact, many scholars believe that the number seven actually represents completeness and perfection.

Basically, it’s our lucky number. And because we’re not ones to shy away from perfection, we figured it was about damn time for a little 7 x 7 x 7 Challenge.

Wondering what exactly that is? Let us break it down for you. We are challenging each and every one of you to ride seven times in seven days, at seven euros a ride. That’s seven classes for just €49. Your challenge will start from the moment you book your first ride. You can get the pack until January 9th.

7 days X 7 rides X €7

The catch? You’ve got just one week to pack in those rides. It may seem intimidating, but you know what? We know you can do it. Trust us!

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, check out these tips from our fabulous instructors to help motivate and inspire you.

Luuk: The most important thing is that you MUST feel that you are ready for this. Challenges like this only work if you want it yourself, and ONLY do it for yourself. would just live day by day (when it’s hard minute by minute). The more you cut big challenges into small pieces, the easier it gets.

Alicia: I am still very much a rider myself, as I still go to other instructors’ rides, so I would definitely take part in the 7 x 7 x 7! The trick that works for me is always breaking up the rides. So I might do a morning ride and an evening ride two days in a row, then take a day or two off for recovery and then repeat! I like to do active recovery on those days off like yoga or walking.

Daphne: I would plan the week, making sure I didn’t do other workouts that week, get all my food ready and get enough sleep, rewarding myself with a nice workout outfit after ☺. Treat yoself!

Dennis: The first day, I would do two classes back-to-back (because then I’m at my best physically and mentally) The next day, I would do one, just to stay in the rhythm of it all but not drain myself just yet. The day after I would take a little rest because my body needs rest sometimes. Then I would do two classes in a row again. And then I only need to do two more classes in three days. I would see how my body feels when I’m doing them. I could do a day of rest and then do two in a row or just spread them over the last days. Always have some flexibility in planning because you never know what’s gonna happen or how you might feel.

Neeltje: Thinking about how to handle/overcome my barriers when I feel struggle or doubt coming up in the challenge and deciding what my limit would be would help me tackle it. And then… action! I want, I can, I will.

Alex: I would tackle it by going to rides at different times. Maybe now is the time to take that 6 A.M. ride or do that Ro’yal!


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