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Top Tackling Tips


Tackling? Like they do in American football? No, no. That’s not what we mean. We want to provide you with an arsenal of tools to tackle those new challenges you’re undertaking this year, whether that’s our Ride x10 Challenge, starting a new job or trekking to Everest Base Camp like our good friend and dedicated Ro’rider, Anna Kuylenstierna. That way, you can overcome any obstacles that come in your path and achieve all your goals with (relative) ease. 

Time is on your side. Just like The Rolling Stones said, time is indeed on your side, so you need to learn to use it to your advantage. The harder the challenge you’ve set for yourself, the more time it will likely take to power through and achieve your goals. You need to set yourself a loose schedule at the beginning with distinct milestones so that you can keep track of your progress and feel good when you reach these milestones. It will also help you see the big picture, as small changes often don’t have noticeable results if you only pay attention day by day. Don’t be impatient! View time as your friend and value each moment of your challenge. Reaching your goal will be all the sweeter for it.

Commitment issues. You may have them with your partner, but now is not the time to be afraid to commit, to commit to having true, focused discipline. There are so many things in this crazy world that can distract you from your goals and challenges, but you have to commit to yourself and to the challenge you’re undertaking, dedicating your discipline to it. Clear out as many distractions as you can and make a promise to yourself that you won’t take on any other new challenges until you complete the current one. If you do struggle with emotionally committing time and effort to one goal, then it can help to ensure you’re held accountable. Post about your challenge on social media or rope in a buddy. You’re much less likely to ditch your efforts if you have others holding you to it and encouraging you along the way.

Divide and conquer. We’re all pretty ambitious people, right? Which means when we set ourselves new challenges, they’re usually pretty damn huge. Naturally, this can feel overwhelming at the beginning or even in the middle of tackling a new challenge. When you divide it into smaller, more manageable tasks, you will feel more in control of each small step you take. This will inevitably increase your likelihood of ultimate success. This “baby steps” approach works no matter what sort of challenge you’re undertaking, from health to career to relationship to financial. Make things easy for yourself! It does not diminish your success.

Aaaand Action! This may seem silly that we even feel the need to point it out, but this is the most important tip we have for taking on new challenges: you must take action. You have to start to finish, so if you keep putting off your new challenges, you will never reach your goals. We understand that you may be facing fears when you tackle challenges, but, as we’ve said before, we like to use fear as our fuel. When you create the right mind-set, taking action becomes infinitely easier. If you believe, you can achieve. 

So go on and get out there! What are you waiting for?


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