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We’re keeping it cool


While global climate change is a terrible thing (and we always try to minimise the effects), studio climate change is a horse of a different colour. What are we talking about, you ask. Well, let us break it down for you.

As the year marches toward summer, you may have noticed something in our studios. It’s getting hot in there, so you better call Nelly. A few of you have started to panic because of the rising temperatures in the studio. Is it safe? Is it healthy? But really, there’s no need to worry.

Every hour, we pump 5,200 cubic metres of fresh air into the studio. That’s 5,200 cubic metres of glorious air for all of you riders during your class. Having trouble visualising what that looks like? It’s enough to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools. That’s 50 metres long by 50 metres wide by 2 metres deep. In short, that’s a heck of a lot of air.

Although you may start to feel like you’re overheating from time to time (understatement of the century, are we right?), we promise there’s no need to stress. In fact, getting stressed out will only make things worse, as the flood of cortisol that accompanies it will heat your body even more. You can take a breath and relax because you have those two swimming pools of fresh air coming for you as you ride. That being said, the air comes from outside – because we want it to be as fresh as possible – so it can also be a bit warm.

When things get really crazy, however, every instructor is at liberty to switch on the air conditioning, so it may be time to bribe your favourite instructor! Quick tip: Rowen is into Dunkin’ Donuts, Joey loves his Starbucks lattes, Jeff is always in the mood for French fries with tons of mayonnaise and Dennis is a sucker for anything sweet (just like him!) and sugary.

But even with the air conditioning, the temperature is going to rise with 60 badass Ro’riders pumping out those powerhouse moves and killing it on the bike. Nothing in this world could tame that kind of heat!

As you know, at Rocycle, we believe in the power of a good sweat. After all, that’s why people are calling us The Sweat Show or Bikram Cycle. You just need to make sure you hydrate before, during and after your ride.

Let’s get fired up. Let’s get steamy!


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