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What Makes Us Feel Lucky


It can be pretty easy these days to get bogged down by negativity. When we look around, there are so many unfortunate things happening in the world that it can be difficult to think positively. But we think it’s important that each and every one of us remembers that we are in fact incredibly lucky. Even in the darkest of days, there is something to feel grateful for, and we should cherish that.

We chatted with our instructors to find out what makes them feel lucky, so hopefully their wise words will inspire you to see the bright side of things!

Amina: What makes me feel lucky is riding my e-bike every day. I recently made the switch from a regular bike, and now I literally feel like I’m flying places! I love living in a bike city.

Neeltje: So many things… But overall I could say feeling thankful. If you want the feeling too, think about the moment you wanted what you now have. You’re the luckiest one in the world, right?

Donna: Oh so many things make me feel lucky. For example, when I see my friends from different friend groups or countries bond and become one big ‘friends-family’, and I just watch and see it happen. Or the fact that my brother is one of my best friends. That I have the freedom and so few obligations that I could literally drop everything and go travel next week if I wanted to. That having amazing times with Ro’riders is my job. And, very corny but not least important: the feeling of sunshine on my face makes me feel so lucky.

Arjun: I think I often thank the people around me for anything, as I feel lucky enough to be in the position I am today. I am very lucky to be here.

Babette Kales: Rocycle makes me feel incredibly lucky because I get to do this as my job and create the most incredible moments together with all of you Ro’riders.

Babette Huberts: I feel lucky when my son (4 years old) is laughing, feels happy and says funny things. I definitely also feel lucky when I am teaching at Rocycle or drinking a good glass of wine with my friends and family.

Judith: What makes me feel lucky is the fact that I have so many positive people with a lot of love around me. Family, friends, colleagues, riders and many more people who make me happy every day. That’s what makes me a lucky and blessed person.

Now tell us: what makes you feel lucky?!


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