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What to give the one who gave you life


While we’re sure your mother loved the gift certificate for “one hug” you gave her when you were seven years old, we think that this year just might be the time to step things up a bit. After all, you do want to give her a better present than your siblings, right? Yeah, we thought so.

Struggling to find a gift so perfect your mother will remember it for years to come? Don’t worry! As usual, we’ve got you covered with a list of gifts (not) only a mother could love.

For the mom who loves bubbles ditch the magnum and opt for a kombucha home brew kit. We are huge proponents of a healthy gut, as it helps with a healthy life. Rather than having your mom shell out for a bottle of the fizzy stuff, help her make her own. Bonus points for doing it together!

For the mom who needs to relax forgo telling her to calm down and get her something that will really help her with tension this is not pot CBD chocolates. Your stressed out mama will get to enjoy this tasty treat whilst also calming her nerves, boosting her mood and reducing insomnia.

For the mom who really needs to relax go all out with a spa treatment at The Spa at Andaz Amsterdam, Prinsengracht. Joey was lucky enough to go already and raved about it, so we know it’s good.

For the mom who never sweats it help her build one up. Give her a Rocycle gift card, and you’ll be sure to see a huge smile spread across her face. Couple that with a gift certificate for “one ride together” and she won’t stop smiling all week. We promise.

For the mom who’s a basket case help her unwind with a few hours spent cruising the canals. If you want to make it even more special – and why wouldn’t you – bring along a homemade picnic basket filled with delicious, healthy bites made with love.

For the mom who adores her morning coffee help her wake up her body from the outside in with a pure coffeescrub fom Amsterdam brand The Rub Scrub. This 100% natural scrub, which is locally and consciously made, will leave her skin silky smooth and give her a jolt of energy.

For the mom who wants to feel as young as the day you were born help her reset her insides to reset the clock with a juice cleanse. While we can’t promise this will be some sort of back to the future magic, it will most definitely leave her feeling refreshed and renewed.

For the mom who lights up your life give her the gift of light with a sunrise alarm clock. Having a healthy sleep schedule and feeling well rested is key to a healthy life, and waking up with natural light is instrumental for that. Since not all of us are lucky to be able to arise with the sun year round, a wake up light will be less jarring and make for a bright and cheery morning for your mother.


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