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When a fire starts to burn!


Sometimes we get worn out, we get run down. While it’s usually a phase, the feeling that the final embers are burning out and that we just might give up can feel insurmountable. But we know that your body and your spirit are strong as can be and that, if you put your mind to it, you can be back on track in no time.

Like R. Kelly, you can consider this the remix to ignition. An easy roadmap to getting inspired. A few gentle nudges to help you stay fired up in this last week of the GET FIRED UP challenge!

#1. Get up.

Are you sitting down? Well then stand up! Get the blood flowing and give a jolt to your senses. Even this tiny change in stasis will help you on the path toward motivation.

#2. Turn up the music.

And turn it up loud. Obviously everyone at Rocycle knows the importance of music. It can motivate you; it can inspire you. So spin the knob on your sound system and put on your favourite playlist – or head into the studio for 45 minutes of bumping beats – and you’ll certainly feel the spark.

#3. Phone a friend.

Sometimes the power of two is stronger than the power of one. Ring up that friend who always makes you feel good, and tell them what’s up. They’ll get you buzzing and ready to go. Ask them if they want to ride together to double the power!

#4. Confront it face to face.

Whatever the problem may be, there is no use hiding from it. Close your email, click out of Facebook and get to it. Hemming and hawing about getting you’re a** in the saddle? Walk straight over to the studio. Once you’re there, you’re unlikely to leave.

#5. Appreciate your accomplishments.

The power of pride is immense. You can be your own greatest inspiration and strongest motivator. Read a recommendation from an old professor or check out that post on Instagram for your 100 th ride. You did it! You can be proud. Now keep going!

#6. Deal or no deal.

From time to time, you should certainly treat yourself, so why not kick yourself into gear with the promise of something you really want. Finish that Roasted ride and know that at the end of it, you get to pick up a brand new pair of Rocycle leggings. You’ve earned them.


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