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Where to spin as the world spins.


If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Just kidding. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably a pretty dedicated Ro’rider. You hit those Saturday morning Royal rides like it’s your job and squeeze in that last intense session with Dennis before you head out of town. In short, you’re addicted.

Lucky for you, this is a pretty healthy addiction, but, being an addiction, it means you crave it when it isn’t around. So, what’s an avid Ro’rider to do when the studio is more than a quick bike or tram ride away? Check out the competition.

The past few years has seen an indoor cycling revolution. This means that even if you can’t get fired up with us at Zuidas or City Center, you can still hit a few HIIT rides when you’re out of town to ensure that you’re ready to be back in the saddle with us upon your return. Ever wondered how to say tapback in French or pyramid in Mandarin? Here are of the coolest studios worldwide to try out when you travel. Just make sure you flash your new Rocycle water bottle when you check in so they know you’re a pro.

Paris: Dynamo. Just like us, Dynamo was the first spinning studio in its city. Instructors with street cred (think the Paris Opera Ballet) lead classes stuffed to the brim with chic Parisians who, in typical French fashion, look as if they’re barely breaking a sweat. Make sure you brush up on your grade school French or just lose yourself in the music, as classes are taught in their native tongue.

London: Psycle. With three locations across the city, Psycle is probably the sleekest place to get pedalling in London. Dark rooms, neon light installations and bumping beats will motivate you and help you earn those scones at tea time.

NYC: Aqua. Yes, yes we all know those skull and crossbones that remind you you’re at SoulCycle, but why not try something new when in the Big Apple? Shimmy into your bathing suit and head down to Tribeca for an experience like no other: aquacycling. You and your fellow riders will slip your feet into the pedals of stationary bikes partially submerged in water for 45 minute classes. The water is supposed to speed up blood circulation, reduce impact on your joints and even burn cellulite. We can’t verify these claims, but we’re certainly intrigued!

Hong Kong: XYZ Spin Studio. Feeling lost in this enormous, multicultural city? A good 50 minutes on the bike in this sexy, subterranean studio will sort you right out. Choose between their Central or Causeway Bay locations. Either will have you in the zone in no time.

Edinburgh: Pedalhouse. This studio is a bit more traditional than a lot of the others on the list here, but different can be great. You won’t be tapping it back or picking up weights during a class at Pedalhouse, as this is structured like an old-school spin class. But fear not, this is not a boring workout! A well-lit room, attractive instructors and groovy tunes keep you motivated.

Sydney: Vicious Cycle. Sydney’s first rhythm-based riding studio is on a mission to connect your mind and your body on the bike with music and movement. Like the rest of these, this is a pay-per-ride sort of deal, so it’s perfect to pop in when you’re down under.


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