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Your Charity, Your Ride


The year is absolutely speeding by. We have just two months left until its 2020, so we’ve begun to take store of our year. One thing that’s really important to us is our community and giving back. Because we want to celebrate the causes that are near and dear to your hearts and because we think December is all about giving back, we want YOU to help us organise some killer charity rides.

As usual, we’re going to provide a badass instructor, our (soon to be) sweaty classroom and our lovely studio team. The rest is up to you! You choose the charity that you love to support and gather all of your nearest and dearest to fill up those bikes.

Sound good to you? Well fill out this easy form before the 2nd of November, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Then hopefully we’ll be riding for a cause that means the world to you.

Last year, this was a pretty amazing month filled with fantastic charity rides. Keep reading to get a feel for how things kicked off and for our incredible Ro’heroes.

Caroline Clot

This lovely Ro’rider organised a big charity ride in December 2018 in support of Plan International Nederland. With the money she raised (over €4000!), she cycled 500 kilometres across Malawi this past June. The money she raised went to educate young people in Malawi, as well as parents and community leaders, about harmful practices and help to end them in their community.

Catherine van Nierop

One of our dear Ro’riders, Catherine led a charity ride last December in aid of Plan Nederland. The cause was very meaningful to her, as she thinks it’s incredibly important to educate young girls in underprivileged areas so that they have the chance of a better future. She also rode 450 kilometres in 7 days through Guatemala in February to raise even more money for these young women.

Elise Boers

 You might do a double take when you see her photo thinking she looks just like our instructor Vita, but that’s because she’s her twin! This power lady and Ro’rider put together a charity ride eleven months ago to help raise money for the charity Because We Carry. This inspiring organisation supplies thousands of traumatised people from Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan who are refugees in Lesbos and Turkey with food and clothing, as well as to bring a bit of joy and hope of a better life. 

Cecilia Frieben

Our lovely studio assistant and Ro’rider Cecilia is not one to sit on the side-lines when there is help to be given. In December of 2018, Cecilia ran a wonderful charity ride to support an important organisation, Doctors Without Borders. Inspired by her mother’s work with the organisation, Cecilia knew she wanted to give back as well. She brought a studio full of riders together to help raise money to provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics and natural or manmade disasters, or those who are excluded from healthcare.


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