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You’ve got it in the bag


Gone are the days where we all stored hair dryers, extra sneakers and just about anything else you could think of in our gym lockers. With the move toward workouts that work around us – where you’re not tied down by a membership and simply fit in some fitness where and when you want – we’ve lost a place to store things in case of an exercise emergency.

Just because we no longer have a secure spot for our favourite post-gym products to live long-term doesn’t mean we aren’t always prepared. That’s where a well-stocked gym bag comes in. Think of it as your portable Mary Poppins bag, chock full of all the essentials for a healthy badass.

If you’re feeling a little lost as to what to stuff inside, we don’t blame you. You want your bag to be light and streamlined without leaving anything behind. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our absolute must-haves for our gym bags.

  1. #1. To have a well-stocked gym bag, you have to have, well, a gym bag.

    And why not make it a backpack that is perfect for tossing over your shoulder when you cycle to the studio or to the Vondelpark for an early morning kettlebell session. This one is filled with pockets to keep you organized, and the waterproof material is ideal for the lovely Dutch weather. Ou new summer bag is a good option as well off course! You will receive one with every purchase from 5 credits and up. Until July 1st.

  2. #2.Whether you’re sweating through class with a full face on or wanna go into class clean as a whistle, makeup wipes are essential.

    Yes to cotton makeup remover wipes melt away makeup, cleanse, soften and moisturize skin all at once. They are made of recycled cotton. 100% natural and biodegradable, so they’re as good for the environment as they are for your skin.

  3. #3. Rehydrate your face with rose water mist.

    Mario Badescu Facial Spray is exactly what you need to rehydrate your post-workout skin. Spray on your face after cleaning for a healthy refreshing glow.

  4. #4. Refuel on the go, whenever you need it.

    Sometimes you just don’t have the time to make yourself a healthy snack or wait in line for a smoothie. But, as we know, it’s important to refuel fast after a killer workout. That’s why we like to stash a couple Matcha Boost Balls from the Cold Pressed Juicery in reusable glass container in our gym bags. Banish hunger forever.

  5. #5. Get clean without getting wet.

    And if you don’t have time to grab a snack, we’re guessing you don’t have time to wash your hair. Save a little time and shake a little bit of natural dry shampoo foam from Ouai. It’ll leave your hair looking clean and shiny and smelling of rosemary and peppermint. Yum.

  6. #6. Speaking of good hair, you need the best tools.

    In order to have extra luscious locks, it’s important to have the right Mason Pearson’s are as effective as they are chic. They gently massage the scalp and last basically forever.

  7. #7. Polish your body for your glowiest skin ever.

    When we sweat, our pores can get clogged, leaving our skin looking dull. And this is not just on our faces. Pay as much attention to your body, and you’ll get compliments left and right. A blend of Moroccan rose and virgin coconut oil make’s Coco Rose’s Body Polish the perfect choice. Its sugar will gently exfoliate and renew your skin, whilst the coconut oil will leave you smooth and silky.

  8. #8. Keep underarm scent under wraps.

    Nobody, and we mean nobody, likes to have B.O. True Organic’s natural deodorant is a safe, 99% natural deodorant that really works. Lightly scented with ho leaf oil and cypress oils, this stuff will have you feeling fresh long after your post-workout shower.


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