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Rolive. Every day, everywhere.

From the people behind Rocycle, the mind, body & music experience.

Just think of us as your sweaty secret weapon. You’ll get our signature Rorides, amazing Roflows and killer Rostrong sessions, all with a fantastic lineup of instructors, playlists you’ll want on repeat and So. Much. Sweat. For just €8.99 a month, you’ll get unlimited access to all Rolive workouts.

Sign up now and get a 7-day free trial and one complimentary drop-in class for any Rocycle studio. You can cancel your subscription at any time. No strings attached!

The at-home workout that truly moves you.

Life is busy. We know!

But we also know just how important it is to get you heart racing and those endorphins flowing. That’s why we created Rolive. Can’t make it to the studio? On the road but still want to work up a sweat?


Rolive is here for you. Every day, everywhere.


Make your workouts work for you.

Your monthly Rolive membership lets you have it all.

Whenever you’re ready to sweat, you can choose from our comprehensive library of Rolive workouts. Whether you want to stretch it out, build muscle or get in some intense cardio, we’ve got you covered. Your monthly Rolive membership lets you have it all.

Rocycle is a 45- or 60-minute high intensity cycling workout. Incorporating upper body work like handlebar pushups, light hand weight exercises and core-targeting movements, Rorides are a total body workout. Rocycle is a party on a bike, in the comfort of your home.


Our killer Rorides, amazing Roflows and Rostrong sessions.


Royoga is sweat-drippin’ yoga that will have you feeling energised and on top of the world after every class. We’ve got Royoga, Roslow and Rostretch, so whatever your mood, there’s a flow for you.

Rostrong is all about toning, strengthening and building up those beautiful bodies and brains. After all, strong is sexy. You can choose how long you want to sweat and which muscle group you want to target.  We’ve got 15- and 30- minute classes. Feel free to double up if you really want to push yourself.

How It Works

Bring the studio home with premium workouts on demand and an own Ro’bike.

Now, for the good stuff. To ensure you get the full Rocycle experience, every Rolive class is an immersive, cinematic experience. With the help of dynamic, multi-camera shots and concert-grade lighting, you’ll feel as if you’re right there with us in the studio.

For all the Ro’riders, Rolive has the option to rent or buy your very own bike (just like the ones we use in the studios), which comes fully equipped with a 10-inch tablet and tablet holder! You can rent the bike for €49,99 per month (36 months contract) or you can buy the bike for €2.399.  The bike will be delivered and installed at home.

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More questions about Rolive and the at-home bikes can be found in our FAQ.