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Rocycle at home

Every day, everywhere

One of the best things about Rolive is at-home Rocycle workouts. To do the Ro’rides, you’ll need a high intensity workout bike. Our Ro’bike is a Stages SC2 bike, the best in the industry. We currently only ship bikes in The Netherlands.

The Ro’bike includes

You can use discount code ‘Rocycle20’ when adding extras for your bike in your basket (tablet holder, extra set of pedals, dumbbell holder etc.) for a 20% discount on all hardware for your bike.

What do you need?

Bike specifications

If you’re left with more questions, you can have a look at our FAQ or you can contact us at watch@ro-live.com.

Please note that any at-home high-intensity workout bike is suitable for the Rocycle classes on Rolive. The Ro’bike is our top quality bike that is used at all Rocycle studios.