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Rocycle at home

Every day, everywhere

One of the best things about Rolive is at-home Rocycle workouts. To do the Ro’rides, you’ll need a high intensity workout bike. Our Ro’bike is a Stages SC2 bike, the best in the industry. We currently only ship bikes in The Netherlands.

The Ro’bike includes

If you choose to lease, you must opt in to a 36-month contract for €49,99 a month. You can find out more below.

What do you need?

Bike specifications

If you’re left with more questions, you can have a look at our FAQ or you can contact us at watch@ro-live.com.

Please note that any at-home high-intensity workout bike is suitable for the Rocycle classes on Rolive. The Ro’bike is our top quality bike that is used at all Rocycle studios.