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Anne V



Anne’s passion for cycling goes way back. Long before she was bringing the energy here on our instructor’s podium, Anne was just like you: a rider! Since she knows what it’s like to sit in that saddle and feel like it’s all just too much, all just too hard, she’s the perfect person to motivate and inspire her riders during those 45 minutes. Anne’s here to help you forget whatever’s going on outside the studio, focus on yourself and have a damn good time.

Want to push yourself? Good. Anne’s got you covered with just the right playlist. Think hits from the early 2000s, a Fred Again track or two and a slew of songs you can sing along to. Anne’s classes are seriously fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a killer workout. She’ll get you going with the ideal mix of pyramids and tap-backs – and pump you up with energy you need to tackle ‘em. If you simply want to ‘do you’, book a bike with Anne.

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