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Q: What is Rocycle?

A: Our full body 45 & 60-minute workouts on a bike are uplifting experiences. Set to candlelight and fueled by epic beats, our classes are made to give youa source of inspiration and happiness. Ride the energy of the pack as you pedal out of the saddle for most of the class, training your core, and raising your heart rate. Our classes run all day long – from sunup to after sundown – 7 days a week

Q:  What are the Ro’rules?

A: We at Rocycle like to keep things positive. We kindly ask you to follow our Ro’rules. 

  1. Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti - Be kind to your neighbor. Treat others like you want to be treated.

  2. Leave Your Phone In The Locker - For receiving emergency calls please leave your phone at our reception.

  3. Less Talking, More Riding - Talking to others disturbs the class.

  4. Stay In Class - Try to stay until the end. Leaving early is a waste of your precious Ro’time. 

Q: I am pregnant, can I still join a Rocycle class?

A: It’s best you contact your personal GP to evaluate your condition. 

Q: I haven’t worked out for a while, is this a problem during class?

A: Everybody can join Rocycle. Whether your level is advanced or absolute beginner. The classes are high intensity so we encourage you to take your own pace and to listen to your body during the ride. The instructor will be there to help, guide and push you during the ride to take the most out of your ride you can possibly get. 

Q: How old do you have to be to be able to go to Rocycle?

A: We encourage working out at a young age, but we have a minimum age of 15 years old to join our rides. 


Q: How do I sign up for a Rocycle ride?

A: We recommend you to book your classes online. This way you are guaranteed a spot. Simply register online and make sure you buy credits to book your class. There is always an option to drop into our studio and register with the studio team. You can join a ride straightaway, depending on availability.

Q: I can’t make it to the class, can I cancel my ride?

A: We have a 12 hours cancelation policy. If you cancel 12 or more hours before your ride starts, your credits will be refunded to your account. If you cancel within 12 hours before your ride starts, you will lose your credit. 

Q: When is the schedule released?

A: We release our schedules every day at noon, for the following two weeks. 

Q: What will happen with my credit if I do not come to the ride?

A: When you do not come to the ride, your credit will be lost. And this ride will be labeled as ‘no show’ in your account. 

Q: The class is full, is there a waitlist?

A: Yes we have a waitlist when a class is full. You need to have at least one credit in your account to join the waitlist. You’ll receive an email automatically as soon as we have gotten a spot for you. If you can’t make it to your class after all, make sure you remove your spot from the waitlist. Otherwise your credit will be lost. 

Q: When do I hear if a spot is free? 

A: You will hear via email as soon as a slot has become available.

The waitlist spots are given away on a first come first serve basis. 

>>>>> Waitlist > (over) 12h before class

- If you cancel 12 hours or more before the class starts, the class will automatically open for other riders to register. If there is a waitlist, the first rider automatically gets registered. 

>>>> Waitlist < (under) 12h before class

- If a spot opens up in the class and there is a waitlist, the system will automatically send an email to everyone on the waitlist and notify them of an open spot. This email acts as a ‘first come first serve’ opportunity. Whichever rider selects 'Book now' in the email first, will automatically be enrolled into the class and removed from the waitlist. Note that there are five spots available on the waitlist. 

Q: Is it possible to reschedule a ride?

A: Yes. You need to cancel the class you have currently booked and book a new class. If you decide to cancel a ride, bear in mind that you can cancel anytime up to 12 hours prior to the class. Otherwise you lose your credit.

Q: Am I allowed to switch my bike? 

A: You can request to change your bike with the studio team, depending on availability. Please ask someone from the studio team for help. 

Platform management 

Q: Can I book a specific bike or change a bike spot in the studio when I book through another platform? 

A: This is an option that is only available to customers who book a spot directly through the Rocycle app or website. Our platform partners have their own rules and regulations. 

Q: Why do some classes cost more than others on my platform?

A: This is our Partner’s Policy. Feel free to reach out to their customer service for any details. 

Classes and workout

Q: What type of classes are you offering?

A: You can read everything about our classes: Ro’rides and Ro’yoga on this page

Q: What type of music will be played during class?

A: Music is our mantra. Each class rocks a unique playlist handpicked by your instructor. From deep house and electronic to pop and hip-hop. We also offer “theme rides” on a weekly basis, where instructors can express their artistry through a deep dive into one specific musical genre or artist (Afrobeats, Dancehall R&B, Beyonce Ride etc) 

Q: Are all classes the same level or are there different levels?

A: All our classes are high intensity classes. All classes are being taught on the same level.

There is a beginner class called “foundation for beginners” 

Foundations for beginners is a RORIDE as usual, but with more focus on technique and proper form. The best way to try out a class or to advance your Ro'skills.

Packages and pricing

Q: Do you also offer monthly Rocycle subscriptions?

A: Yes, we do offer monthly subscriptions. You can find the different memberships on the pricing page.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept payments by iDEAL and Credit Card in the Netherlands - Sofort, Giropay and Credit Card in Germany.   

Q: I would like to try out a Rocycle ride, do you offer a trial package?

A: Yes, we have first time offers in each city with 2 rides to try out our classes. Check them out on our homepage

Q: Can I use my Rocycle credits in all Rocycle studios?

A: You can use your credits in all studios within that specific city. Prices of classes may differ between cities and countries.  

Q: I bought a credit but I would like to cancel this, can I get a refund on these credits?

Only if you purchased your credit online (credit card, Ideal, Sofort, Giropay) and ask for a return within 14 days, if you bought credits in the studio we are not able to refund you.

Q: Is it possible to buy merchandise with my credits?

A: No, credits are only to be used for Rocycle classes. 

Q: How can I redeem a Rocycle promo code?

A: You can redeem a promo code at the online check-out when you purchase a credit package on the website.

Q: Can I buy a Rocycle gift card?

A: Yes we offer Rocycle gift cards. You buy a gift card online or at one of our studios and add whatever value you would like. 

Q: How do I redeem a Rocycle gift card?

A: You can redeem a gift card at the online check-out on our website. On the giftcard there is a number, which you will need to fill in in the line at check-out. The minimum spend is 12 Euros. 

New to Rocycle

Q: What do I need to bring to a Rocycle class?

A: The only thing you need to bring is a water bottle. 

Q: Do I need to bring my own cycling shoes or do I get those?

A: No need to bring your own shoes, you will get cycling shoes with cleats at the check-in. We advise you to take shoes one size up, because the shoes run small.

Q: I would like to buy my own cycling shoes, what type of cycling shoes do I need?

A: You need shoes you can prepare with cleats to click into the bike pedals, the type of cleats you need are ‘Delta LOOK’. The shoes we use at Rocycle are type ‘Shimano RP301’’.

Q: Can I buy a water bottle in the studio?

A: We encourage you to bring your own water bottle. In case you forget yours you can buy bottled water at the studio. Please drop it off at your class, we will make sure to recycle it.  

Q: Do you have lockers?

A: Yes, every studio has a locker room. They have easy-to-use digital locks with instructions posted inside the locker door. Your belongings are safe with us.

Q: Can I shower after the class?

A: All our studios have bathrooms with showers, where you can find fresh towels and Zenology’s line of organic care products – including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. The changing room is also equipped with hair dryers and straighteners. 

Q: Do I need to have an account to book a ride?

A: Yes, you need to have an account in order to book a bike. You can create an account via our homepage or via the app. 

Q: I would like to try out a Rocycle ride, do you offer a trial package?

A: We offer a first timer package of 2 classes for €18 so €9 per class. This package is available for first timers only (hence bookable only once).  

Q: How long before class starts should I arrive at the studio?

A: We advise you to come to the studio 15 minutes early. This gives you enough time to check in, get to know the studio and set-up your bike. The check-in closes 2 minutes before class starts. 

Q: How does it work when I arrive at the studio?

A: You can check-in with the studio team. We will sign you in and tell you more about our studio and how our classes work. The studio team will help you set up your bike in the studio and the instructor will explain how you will need to use your bike. 

Q: What do I wear to a Rocycle ride?

A: Feel free to wear what you want to your class. We prefer to wear tights or shorts and a t-shirt or sports bra, but the sky’s the limit – express yourself! No need to bring your trainers, we have cycle shoes for you to wear. We kindly ask you to dress appropriately and to not wear provocative clothing. 

Q: What language are the classes in?

All classes are taught in English.