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Our full body 45 & 60-minute workouts on a bike are uplifting experiences. Set to candlelight and fueled by epic beats, our classes are made to give you that natural high. Ride the energy of the pack as you pedal out of the saddle for most of the class, training your core, and raising your heart rate.

our workouts take your mind off everything.

You will train your upper body with light hand weights and handlebar push ups, then finish with head to toe stretching. Our workouts take your mind off everything, as you feel the endorphins running through your veins. In an hour, you will walk out completely revitalized. Fit for Ro’okies and Ro’ckstars alike.


Music is our mantra. Each class rocks a unique playlist handpicked by your instructor. From deep house and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Feel the chills from each song, let the beats lift you up and get carried away by the energy of the tracks. It can get a little emotional in here – go with it! We like to call it the happiness effect. Check out our Spotify for some sound-spiration.

Life is busy

We know

That is why we have made it easy to Rocycle. Our classes run all day long – from sunup to after sundown – 7 days a week. Prebook your class online. Every day at noon we release the schedule for the upcoming 2 weeks. We are a pay as you go studio. We don’t do contracts or hidden fees. You only pay for the classes that you actually use. The studio has everything you could want and need included with every class: cycling shoes, workout towels on your bike, luxurious, hotel-style towels in the locker rooms, and showers stocked with Zenology’s organic care products.

we are the complete package for you.

We encourage you to bring your own water bottle but we sell bottled Spa water in case you forget yours.

The First Time

Prepare for Ro’lling

just the way you like it

Feel free to wear what you want to your class. We prefer to wear tights or shorts and a t-shirt but the sky is the limit – express yourself! No need to bring your trainers, we have cycle shoes for you to wear. Make sure to come to the studio and sign in 15 minutes before class starts, especially if you are new.


You can check-in at the front desk and let them know it is your first time. We will sign you in and tell you more about our studio and how our classes work. Heads up! If you have not signed in two minutes before class starts, we might  give your bike to someone else.

heads up! power is on and go!

Shoes & Water

At the start of each class you will get cycling shoes to clip in your bike, giving you the best cycling experience possible. Don’t worry, the shoes aren’t just for the pros. They will help you get the most out of your workout. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle. In case you forget yours you can buy bottled Spa water at €2 per bottle. And trust us, you’re going to need the water!


Stash your stuff in one of our lockers. They have easy-to-use digital locks with instructions posted inside the locker door. Your belongings are safe with us.


Suit up before you enter the studio. That means slipping on your cycling shoes and making sure your bottle of water is in hand. When you walk into class, you’ll see that each bike can hold a pair of dumbbells. Get yours from the front of the room and put them on your bike. Adjust your bike to fit your body or ask the instructor for some help. Clip in and enjoy the ride. After class, just drop your shoes and towel in the designated bins. Then drift towards the showers on your endorphin high.

Changing Rooms

We have made sure that you can really pamper yourself in our changing rooms. Luxurious fresh towels and Zenology’s line of organic care products await you – including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. The changing rooms are also equipped with hair dryers and in the woman’s you can find hair straighteners too. We’ve got you covered.


Yes join a class


Book online

We recommend booking your classes online. This way you are guaranteed a spot, and you also get to pick out your bike, just like when you reserve seats on an airplane. Simply register online and make sure you buy credits to book your class. There is always the option to drop into our studio and register with the front desk staff.

Check the schedule



Every day at noon we release our weekly schedule for the following 2 weeks. You can book your class whenever you like, but we stop sign-ups 30 minutes before the class begins. You always have the option to drop in or contact the studio to try to get your hands on the last bike.

Don't wait, go!

Waiting List


That is why we have a waiting list. You need at least one credit in your account to join the waiting list. We’ll send you an email as soon as we have gotten a bike for you. If something comes up, and you cannot show up to class after all, make sure you delete your spot from the waiting list. Otherwise, we will charge you for it.

Don't lose your credits



We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel 12 hours before your class begins, your credits will be fully refunded to your account. If you cancel less than 12 hours before class, we will need to reassign your bike to another rider, and you’ll lose those credits.


Minimum Age


We encourage working out at a young age, but we do have a minimum age of 15 years to join our classes.