Careers mission and vision

We inspire to be fit and happy. Every day. Every ride.

Be Kind.

Throw kindness around like confetti. When we're all happy and supportive, we can achieve anything. We work best when we are kind to one another; keep the sense of community and togetherness strong by encouraging, inspiring and helping one another, every day, every ride.

Riders Rule.

Our riders are our #1 priority - with everything we do and every decision we make our goal is a happy rider. Whether they're new to our studio or seasoned pros, we always go above and beyond to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Own it.

Take the reins and own your work. You're not afraid to take on challenges and find creative solutions. Plus, you always strive for improvement and hold yourself accountable.

Open Arms, Open Mind.

We believe in creating a community that's welcoming and inclusive for everyone. We believe it is essential for our team to be champions for inclusivity and diversity. Embrace working with people from different backgrounds, identities and cultures. Make everyone feel welcome and respected. We're always eager to learn and grow alongside each other.

Careers department

Studio Team

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Larissa - Head Coach

Peter - Head of Talent

Lucas - Expansion Manager

Filip - Construction Manager

Kyra- Studio Manager Hamburg

Maily - Studio Manager Zuidas


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