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The ride

Our workouts take your mind off everything, as you feel the endorphins rushing through your body. In an hour, you will be completely revitalized.

Our full-body 45- & 60-minute workouts on a bike are uplifting experiences. Set to candlelight and fueled by epic beats, our classes are made to give you that natural high. Ride the energy of the pack as you pedal out of the saddle for most of the class, training your core and raising your heart rate. You will train your upper body with hand weights and handlebar push-ups, then finish with head-to-toe stretching.

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Music is our mantra

Each class rocks a unique playlist handpicked by your instructor. From deep house and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Feel the chills from each song, let the beats lift you up and get carried away by the energy of the tracks. It can get a little emotional 
in here – go with it! We like to call it the happiness effect.

Check out our 
Spotify for some sound-spiration.

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Fit for Ro’okies and Ro’ckstars alike

Roride: This is our signature 45-minute class. Pick your favorite instructor, and you are ready for some HIIT training combined with a core and upper body workout. Every class includes dumbbells.

Royal: This is the extended version of the Ro'ride – 60 minutes, all the way. Specially made for those who simply can’t get enough.

Roasted: You can still stop reading – don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! This class is 90 minutes long. Yes, nine zero. Double down, non-stop. If you eat iron for breakfast and fight polar bears bare handed, this might be something you will enjoy.

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Get ready to pamper yourself in the changing rooms

After the class, drop your shoes and towel in the designated bins and drift towards the showers. We've made sure that you can really pamper yourself in our changing rooms. Luxurious fresh towels and Zenology’s line of organic care products await you – including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. The women’s changing room is also equipped with hair dryers and straighteners, so if you’re getting ready to take on the world that day, we’ve got you covered.