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A former competitive dancer. A marathoner. A killer instructor here at Rocycle. Blair can do (and has done!) it all. Hailing from San Francisco originally, Blair’s wound her way into the fabric of both Berlin life and life here in the studio. She brings a certain kind of magic to her classes; it’s all about connection when she’s up on that instructor’s podium. 

Blair knows just how powerful music is when you’re moving. She believes it’s the key to getting in the right mindset, harnessing your power and pushing through any obstacles in your way. Think a mix of Electro and Pop with a touch of Techno—the perfect backdrop for an intense set of push-ups or pyramids. If you want to leave overthinking behind, ride with Blair. If you’re keen to feel great after 45 minutes, sign up for her class. If you’re up for becoming the best version of yourself, book a bike with Blair. In short, don’t miss her classes.

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