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Despite a tough start at Rocycle, Chayenne persevered. And after a few classes, she was hooked for life. So hooked, in fact, that she is now pushing, entertaining and inspiring riders up on that instructor’s podium here at Rocycle. Chayenne spent her childhood (and a lot of her adulthood, too!) dancing, so she always puts together some seriously cool choreo. Be prepared to s.w.e.a.t.

As a rider herself, Chayenne understands the importance of a great song with a good beat to get a class through those 45 minutes. Whether it’s a killer set of corners, a round of push-ups or a series of tap-backs, Chayenne always puts on the perfect Pop remix, R&B ballad or Latin beat. Even though they’re seriously hard work, Chayenne’s classes are all about fun. Whenever you ride with her, you’ll always leave the studio with a big, fat smile on your face.

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