When Rocycle Rotterdam swung open its doors right on Daan’s street, it was fate. From the moment he walked in, he was hooked, and now we are lucky enough to have this Tilburg native as an instructor. Intensity and dedication have always been a part of Daan’s fitness journey (he was a black belt in karate!), and he brings that same passion to the instructor’s bike. His enthusiasm is palpable, and each class he teaches has its own special vibe.EDM, Dutch hip-hop and pop are on heavy rotation in Daan’s playlists, but don’t be surprised if you hear a bit of rock or hard style ever now and again. He’s a musical chameleon who loves when the right song gives you that extra burst of energy when you need it most. Feel the power, as Daan guides you through intense push-up and tap-back sequences, but whatever the move, Daan will be sure to make the workout a party. Because when he’s teaching, everyone is welcome and accepted – just as they are.

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