Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-72-2.original
Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-68-2.original
Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-72-2.original

Eva V



She loves to sing, she loves to dance and she loves to move. But most of all, Eva loves to pour all her energy out up on that instructor’s podium. She loves to share her passion for movement and inspire every rider brave enough to take her classes. With years of Les Mills and BODYPUMP under her belt (and a newfound love for heavy lifting), Eva loves infusing classes with strength and power. It’s not all cardio when you ride with her.Music has always helped Eva get through her workouts, so she pays careful attention to her playlists, choosing the perfect mix of pop remixes, EDM and trap to get you to the end of those 45 minutes. Though she’s a seriously tough cookie, she also radiates joy. Eva will make sure you get the workout you need – every time.

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