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It’s easy to hate those people for whom everything in life seems to come easy, but Iris (one of the lucky few) is too charming, fun and motivating to begrudge. For us – and for her riders – she’s simply an inspiration. Getting bodies moving, whether her own or others’, is a real passion for Iris. She believes in the power of movement, in its abilities to make us not just healthier but also happier. So, a job as an instructor at Rocycle was certainly a no-brainer.

Iris isn’t married to specific genres when she crafts her playlists for class. As long as a song has a great beat that riders can connect to, she’s happy. Music in her classes bounces from R&B to Pop, Funk, Jazz and Neo-Soul. Iris knows that every little step moves you closer to a goal, so she ensures her riders forget the small hiccups and focus on the big picture. Ride with Iris to be both light on your feet and in your mind.

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