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Food. Cats. Modelling. Mya loves it all. But what she loves most? Bringing her energy and her passion into the studio to give her classes the ride of a lifetime. Like many of us, Mya’s first encounter with Rocycle was intense. But luckily, she harnessed her inner strength and powered through. And look at her now! She’s one of our incredible, inspiring instructors right here in Berlin.

Mya is a stickler for technique, so if you want to really get the hang of things at Rocycle, you’d better book one of her classes. Whether it’s tap-backs during a bumping Pop track or bridge sprints during an EDM track, Mya helps her riders focus on their form. Want to transform your mood in 45 minutes? Keen to discover movement that works with you not against you? Aching to find inner strength with a smile? Then don’t miss a single one of Mya’s classes.

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