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You’ll hardly ever find Sacha sitting still, so it’s no wonder she’s taken on the mantel of Rocycle instructor. You could say that fitness is in her blood. From gymnastics to hockey to horseback riding, Sacha has done it all. These days, she’s bringing her passion for movement to the instructor’s podium, guiding her riders through the physical and mental challenges that those 45 minutes bring.Known as Sassy Sas, she brings a bit of attitude to every move but especially those 2-up 2-downs and those killer tap-backs. You’ll definitely hear some old favourites on her playlists, but Sacha always makes sure there’s a little something you’ve never heard before. Prepare to be surprised. Though her classes always feel like a party, Sacha makes sure they’re still a seriously killer workout. You’ll leave sweatier and more smiley than ever before.

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