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Tech House

Though he’s the youngest instructor in the studio, Yoram is as intense as it gets. This Cologne native has been cycling for ages, so he’s just the guy you need when you’re on the hunt for a powerful, well-choreographed class. Pyramids, elbow-drops and probably more than one killer double pace track are likely in order when Yoram’s on that instructor’s podium. He channels his focus to create classes that are demanding yet rewarding – helping you connect your fellow Ro’riders, turn your attention inward and reach your true potential.

In Yoram’s classes, music is the secret ingredient, the thing that helps his riders sink into themselves, arrive in the studio and find their inner fire. EDM and Techno are the name of the game, but he likes to sprinkle in a little Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B too. Yoram’s Ro’rides are the perfect blend of great physical challenges, big inspiration and serious fun. When you ride with Yoram, you’ll find your second home.

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