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5 things you can do for a healthier planet

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The Earth is our home. The place we live, the place we love. But for too long, people have ignored its health, and now is the time to save it. We must take care of it – because if we don’t, it’ll be too late.Though Friday, April 22nd is the real Earth Day, we’ve decided to live every day like it’s Earth Day. We are taking the Earth’s wellness into our own hands and striving to make a difference. When we work together, we can make a positive change!So, what are we doing to celebrate on the 22nd and every day? Here are our five fave ways to show our Earth a little TLC.

  1. Plant a tree: Trees are one of the major contributors to planetary health. They absorb carbon dioxide and pump clean, fresh air into the world. Do your part and plant a tree. You can go totally DIY and put one in your own back yard, have one planted in your honour with Ride & Plant a Tree or plant a few through an organisation like Treedom. You won’t be-leaf the difference it’ll make.

  2. Go veg: If even for a day a week, a week a month or a month a year! The consumption of animal products takes a heavy toll on the environment, so ditching meat and dairy more often greatly reduces your ecological footprint.

  3. Skip the car: Public transport too, if you can swing it! We are so lucky to live in a city that’s bike-friendly. Commit to spending April 22nd outside of any motorised vehicle. Feel the wind blowing through your hair as you cycle to the studio or enjoy the sun shining on your forehead when you walk to dinner.

  4. Grow your own food: You’ve probably heard about nose-to-tail eating or going local when it comes to food. Not only is it more delicious to eat things grown nearby but it’s far better for the health of the planet. And what could be more local than your own backyard, balcony or roof terrace? Don’t have outdoor space or a green thumb? Head out to a local farm like De Stadsgroenteboer to support a greener way of life.

Get engaged: Probably the most important way to celebrate is to educate; Earth Day is the perfect time to commit to learning about the environment in order to protect it. Do some research, read about how climate change works and what you can do to help (or listen to a podcast!), find out which issues are particularly relevant in your area. And, while you’re feeling inspired, join an environmental group. Whether it’s an org that cleans up the canals or one that aims to reduce the impact of fast fashion, you can’t go wrong as long as it’s making a difference.