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HQ Heroes: Filip

By now, all of you probably know each and every one of our instructors better than your own colleagues (or families, even!). You spend time sweating it out together on the bike. You connect on our social channels – and theirs. And you get to know their favourite tunes on Spotify.

But, Rocycle is actually so much more than our instructors alone. We have an incredible team working behind the scenes to make our Ro’fam as wonderful, inspiring and inclusive as it is. And they do so pretty invisibly.Though we’re heartily impressed by just how seamlessly they do their jobs, we decided it’s time to shine the spotlight on our HQ team. We’re ready to get to know them a bit better and formally welcome them into the Ro’fam.Today’s chat was a special one. Our amazing Construction Manager, Filip Marmula gave us the ultime Ro’lowdown. He dished on all things HQ, his journey into the Ro’fam and what Rocycle means to him. Keep reading to get all the juicy details

.Let’s start simple. Could you introduce yourself?

Sure! I am Filip, a 90s kid born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. A few years ago, I moved to the Netherlands for work and stayed for the amazing Dutch weather. Or was it for love? Anyway, I live in Rotterdam with my partner, and when I’m not working, you will find me traveling, road cycling, hanging out with friends or binge-watching TV shows. I am also learning Dutch and trying to visit a different place in the Netherlands every now and then. Not a big country yet so much to discover!

That’s so cool! And maybe scouting new studio locations? 😉 Speaking of, could you give us some more details about your role as Construction Manager?

I work in the Expansion team as the Construction Manager. My main task is to make sure our new studios are built within our budget, on schedule and in line with our quality standards. I work with other departments within the whilst coordinating the work of our external partners involved in construction projects.

Sounds like a pretty big job. Walk us through a day at Rocycle HQ for you.

I like to start working early, so I am often among the first people to arrive to the office. My day at the office is usually a mix of meetings with colleagues or external parties, dealing with daily challenges on construction projects and time dedicated to long-run projects or tasks. Sometimes the office gets quite fun and loud, which is great for team spirit and bonding but not so great for productivity, so I try to work from home few days a week. It’s a good balance.

You know how much we love balance at Rocycle! What is your team like?

The Expansion team is the best! We are relatively new, so we are still establishing work processes and relationships, but so far, it’s working out great. When it comes to construction, I mostly work with external partners. I like this because I always learn something new and get great insight into how other people and companies work. Working for Rocycle is fun and dynamic – never a dull moment! This can get intense at times, but you always have your team to support you, which is a great feeling. In this sense, I feel like the whole HQ is my team.

Love that. Now, tell us. How did you end up at Rocycle?

I lived right above the Rotterdam studio when it opened. I couldn’t sleep because of the loud music so I thought: If you can’t beat them, join them. JK, I saw this cool new fitness studio in my neighbourhood but didn’t really know much about Rocycle until I started looking for a job and the ad for my position popped up. That’s when I learned more about the company, its culture and its values. I knew we would have a future together.

Hahaha uh oh – we hope the music wasn’t too loud! Speaking of, do you Ro’ride?

I try to Ro’ride at least once a week, although I’m sure it will get more frequent as the weather gets worse. I always ride in Rotterdam, but my goal is to do at least one ride in each of our studios in coming months.

That’s probably a great way to see how the studios are set up and actually function during classes. Is there anything exciting in the works for you or your team at Rocycle in the coming months?

There’s always something exciting going on with Expansion! Stay tuned…Oooh you’ve got us curious now.

What are your three favourite things about working at Rocycle?

People, ambition, creativity.