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Gender Expansive Bathroom

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As you might have heard, Rocycle and our Diversity & Inclusion Committee are working hard to become even more inclusive than before. We aren’t perfect, but we’re learning, and we’re doing our very best to make sure everyone feels seen, heard and welcome here at Rocycle.While we’ve begun some very exciting work on our first fully equipped non-binary dressing rooms (these will be in our third studio in Berlin at Friedrichshain), some of our older studios simply do not have the space at present to build out separate changing spaces. But just because there isn’t a dedicated space doesn’t mean people of all gender identities shouldn’t feel at home.Because we want to create a safe and accessible studio for everyone, we are adding the gender marker ‘X’ to the existing changing rooms to acknowledge non-binary riders and let them know they’re welcome. Though we are very aware it does not change much regarding access and safety, we believe it’s important to let all riders know they’re important to us.Because people of all gender identities and expressions are celebrated at Rocycle. Together, we can create a safe space for everyone! Got questions? Drop us a line at equality@rocyclestudios.com or DM us. We’re always here.