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Our Holiday To-Do list: Germany

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December is here, and that means holidays. Even if you’re not off work just yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday spirit. While we’re counting down the days to freedom, we came up with a to-do list of our absolute must-dos to spread holiday cheer like it’s our job.

  1. Work your way through your Christmas list. Struggling for ideas? Check out our gift guide for a little inspiration. Because nobody wants to be running around on Christmas eve.

  2. Hit a Christmas market. Whether you’re hunkering down in Berlin or heading off to Munich, wandering through a classic German market is a true must.

  3. Sweat it out with a theme ride. Because nothing says ‘the holidays’ like power pyramids set to Mariah Carey.

  4. Take to the slopes. While the season is really only just beginning, why not take advantage of the chilly weather and head to the mountains? Those of you who aren’t the world’s best skiers can still enjoy being snow bunnies.

  5. Indulge in a little lebkuchen. Christmas wouldn’t be complete in Germany without some sugar, spice and everything nice.

  6. Put the fun in fondue. After working up an appetite with another Ro’ride, satisfy those cravings with a seriously cheesy evening.

  7. Dream on with a seriously dreamy staycation. Pack your bags and head to Soho House Berlin. There’s nothing more festive than letting someone else make the bed for a change.

Strap into some skates and take a little turn around the rink. Head to Erika Hess Ice Stadium in Wedding for cheery tunes and cozy vibes.