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Challenge. Change. Grow.

It is almost time to ride! We've listed everything you need to know, so you are prepared to Ro'll. Let's get ready to ride together.

Just the way you like it!

Feel free to wear what you want to your class. We prefer to wear tights or shorts and a t-shirt, but the sky is the limit – express yourself! No need to bring your trainers; we have cycling shoes for you to wear.

World off, music on: once you’re in the studio

You can check-in at the front desk and let them know it is your first time. We will sign you in and tell you more about our studio and how our classes work. We kindly ask you to come 15 minutes before your first class so our Ro'team can help you get ready for the ride. Heads up! If you have not signed in two minutes before class starts, we might give your bike to someone else.

Shoes & water

At the start of each class you will get cycling shoes to clip into your bike, giving you the best cycling experience possible. Don’t worry – the shoes aren’t just for the pros. They will help you get the most out of your workout. We advise you to take shoes one size up, because the shoes run small.We encourage you to bring your own water bottle. If you forget yours, you can buy bottled Spa water at €2 per bottle. And trust us, you’re going to need the water!


Stash your stuff in one of our lockers. They have easy-to-use digital locks with instructions posted inside the locker door. Your belongings are safe with us.

Get to know our studios

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Enter the studio

Suit up before you enter the studio. That means slipping on your cycling shoes and making sure your bottle of water is in hand. When you walk into class, you’ll see that each bike can hold a pair of dumbbells. Get yours from the front of the room and put them on your bike. Adjust your bike to fit your body or ask the instructor for some help. Clip in and enjoy the ride. After class, just drop your shoes and towel in the designated bins. Then drift towards the showers on your endorphin high.

Set up the bike

To prepare yourself for the first class watch the video on how to set up your bike. Our Ro'team can take you through the basics of the bike.

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