Ana 1
Ana 1




She’s a long way from her hometown (and we mean long), but Ana is perfectly at home motivating riders here at Rocycle Cologne. This Mexican firecracker is always busy and always active; it was a natural progression from basketball to the gym to the studio. As long as it gets her up and moving (and in the zone), Ana is up for it.

Music is thumping through her headphones 24/7, so you better believe her playlists are gonna be good. When she’s not bringing a bit of Latin flair to her classes with a solid dose of reggaeton, she has her riders grooving to a perfect mix of EDM, House and light Techno. Anything that makes a heavy climb or double pace section just a little bit easier. Keen to get out of your comfort zone and let your body do its thing? Book a bike with Ana.

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