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If ever someone were to embody the try-try-again spirit that we love so much here at Rocycle, it’d be one of our fab instructors, Aylin. Though she didn’t make the cut during her first Ro’auditions, she dusted herself off, smiled through it all and got right back into the saddle. And now, of course, she’s rocking it as an instructor in Cologne.

Heavy climbs and a classic elbow drop or two are always on the agenda in Aylin’s classes. With the perfect choreo and the ideal combination of Pop remixes, she creates a seriously fun (and undeniably motivating) atmosphere in her classes. Aylin knows how to get her riders to open up and reach deep within themselves; she really brings that feeling of safety, joy, strength and connection to the studio. Ride with Aylin to nourish both body and soul.

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