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Eva H



There’s hardly been a day in Eva’s life when she wasn’t active. Dancing, running,bouncing around a playground – it was all good for Eva as long as she was moving.These days, she gets her energy boost from sweating it out on that instructor’s bikehere at Rocycle. Enthusiasm and motivation come naturally to her, so be prepared toget inspired when you take one of her classes.When Eva starts working on a playlist, she’s already excited to clip in, so you know hermusic will definitely get you going. She especially loves EDM and House for thepowerful beats and killer drops, but she’s never shied away from a Pop hit or two.Whether she’s getting her riders sweating with a set of badass pushups or letting themfeel the music in a moment that’s just for them, Eva wants her riders to feel free to beexactly who they are. Book a bike with Eva and get ready to sweat, get ready to smile.

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