Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-38-2.original
Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-29-2.original
Rocycle on our way series - Rotterdam-38-2.original

Hannah L



Born and raised in Mexico, Hannah made a bold move and moved all the way to Rotterdam! Hannah brings that same energetic, adventurous spirit to the podium, inspiring her riders to take risks and reap the rewards. She makes sure that nobody leaves anything behind on that bike by the end of class. Though her classes are full of surprises, Hannah puts careful thought and consideration into each and every move. There’s a reason for each tap-back, and she makes sure her riders are working different parts of their bodies while still connecting with the rest of the room. For Hannah, Rocycle is a safe space to push your boundaries and feel the energy of those around you. Take Hannah’s class if you’re ready to go all out.

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