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Over a decade dancing means that Helene is just the person to be grooving up on that instructor’s podium here at Rocycle. She knows how to move. Pyramids, double pace and crunches are usually on the menu when she’s teaching, but don’t worry: no matter the combination, her choreo is always out of this world. Helene harnesses her perfect rhythm and boundless energy to help her riders power through seriously sweaty studio sessions. When Helene is on the move, she understands there’s nothing more crucial than a killer playlist. She weaves Drum & Bass, EDM and House together to create the perfect catalyst for an amazing workout. And a little boogie, of course. Helene helps her riders take those 45 minutes to challenge themselves and feel their best. So, book a bike with Helene to clip in, switch off and enjoy the ride. “Things always get challenging when we level up, but that is the moment when growth starts.”

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