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If you’ve been coming to Rocycle for a little while, you’ll know that Judith is one of our OG instructors. An absolute firecracker, she’s always spreading kindness like confetti and positive energy like it’s her job (well, it kind of is!). Movement has been a way of life for Judith for as long as she can remember; she likes to mix things up with strength training, pilates and HIIT when she’s not up on that instructor’s bike.

Judith knows that the right music can lift your mood and help you tackle those hurdles you didn’t think you could handle. She loves a bit of techno, EDM, pop and oldies – as long as the tune’s got a great beat. While Judith wants her riders to work up a serious sweat, she’s just as concerned with the mental challenge of a Ro’ride. Her classes are all about pushing each other, motivating each other and creating a fun, supportive environment. Clip in with Judith to grow both mentally and physically.

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