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For a while, cardio felt like the bane of Lily’s existence, but boy have things changed! A move to Cologne, a complete 180 on sweating it out and (arguably) more dough spent in the studio than on rent later, this psychologist and PhD student is here at Rocycle, kicking things into high gear on that instructor’s bike. For her, every Ro’ride, each of those 45 minutes is like therapy – for both her and her riders.

Lily knows full well that the right music doesn’t just motivate; it helps you forget exhaustion, leave the world behind. It allows you to push yourself like you’ve never done before. She alternates Techno with early 2000s remixes, all adding up to the perfect playlists. Ride with Lily for a sprinkle of psychology, an insane workout and, of course, the time of your life.

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