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rocycle instructor portraits
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There’s hardly a day when Lindsey doesn’t work up a sweat; movement just gets her going. And ever since she made the move from Vancouver to Cologne, Rocycle has been her workout of choice. These days, she’s graduated from rider to instructor, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Lindsey loves the energy and sense of safety she feels in the studio, and she makes sure her riders feel just that when they take a class with her. 

And, speaking of energy, there’s nothing she likes more than a fun, vibey playlist that gives a class momentum; she mixes pop and throwbacks to get that perfect blend. But whatever she’s pumping through those speakers, it’ll help you power through a killer set of windmills. No matter your level, no matter your skills, a ride with Lindsey is always the right choice. Book a bike with her for inspiration, inclusivity and encouragement.

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