SHAYNA LR-3.original
SHAYNA LR.original
SHAYNA LR-3.original




Born in beautiful Curacao, Shisha knows how to bring a little bit of sunshine with her wherever she goes, even the Ro’studio. Shisha loves a bit of hip-hop, reggae and Afro-music, so we dare you not to dance on that bike when you’re riding with her. Whenever she’s teaching, she does everything in her power to motivate her riders and lift them up, even on the darkest, dreariest of Rotterdam days. Naturally, Shisha wants every rider to have the time of their lives when they’re on the bike, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let them off easy. Her infectious energy inspires all her riders to dig deep and push through the toughest parts of the ride. Because she knows you can do it.

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