Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee

A message from our founder & CEO.

Dear Ro'riders,

The heart of Rocycle is our community, our Ro'fam. And what makes us so special, so truly unique is the diversity and inclusivity of that community. Since even before we opened our doors way back in 2016, we have loved bringing people from all walks of life together under one wonderful roof. But as we grow and expand, we think it is important to preserve that culture. We believe it is essential for our team – in the Netherlands and abroad – to be champions for inclusivity and diversity.

We want to become the most diverse company: gender, race, age, nationality, religion and sexual orientation. At Rocycle, everyone is family.

In order to ensure that we not only remain diverse but actually continue to become more and more representative, we have invested in and created the Rocycle Committee to Protect and Promote Diversity. This committee will serve as a sounding board for all staff members (and riders) to share their feelings and feedback. The committee will conduct yearly anonymous staff research to see how well the company is performing when it comes to diversity. The committee’s chairman is Filip and has 4 more wonderful members: Amber, Yoram, Izzy and Tiff.

Throughout the year, the committee and the company as a whole will dedicate themselves to recruiting and hiring a diverse mix of people at all levels. That means everyone from runners to instructors to the studio team and management. Along the way, we will spread the word about the importance of being inclusive and representative through our social media, newsletters and press releases and in our studios. We want to give every member of our Ro’fam voice and agency to help make our community better each and every day. And while we do our best to truly be a safe space, we may make some mistakes along the way, so please feel free to let us know what we’re doing wrong (and what we’re doing right!). We are, as always, all ears.

Kind Regards,

Rogier van Duyn

Founder & CEO