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HQ Heroes: Kyra

If you’ve been hanging around the studio for a few years now or have just finished your first class, you probably still have a pretty good idea of who are instructors are and what they’re about. Honestly, they pretty much feel like family! You hit those pyramids together on the bike. You connect on our social channels – and theirs. You even get little tidbits about their lives when they talk you through the toughest moments during your ride.

But Rocycle is actually so much more than our instructors. It’s more than our riders! Behind the scenes, we have a pretty incredible team, working to make our studios, our socials and our community inclusive, inspiring and, obviously, very, very fun.Sure, they grease the wheels and get things going. They make sure Rocycle is a seamless operation from top to bottom – without ever being visibly present. But we think it’s time to change that. It’s time to spotlight our HQ team, to give them a chance to shine. Because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.Germany has been a pretty new addition to our Rocycle roster, but we’re no less proud of those studios.

One of the incredible Studio Managers making things happen in Hamburg is the incredible Kyra Werner. We got to chat with her about a day in the life of a Ro’studio Manager, her favourite things about working here and what Rocycle means to her. Check out her answers below to get a window into Kyra’s world.

Kyra! Thanks so much for chatting with us! Let’s start at the beginning. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Kyra, I’m 28 years old (dangerously close to 30 haha) and I originally come from the south of Germany but found my way to Hamburg over three years ago now. I’m the studio manager for our amazing and biggest studio so far here in Hamburg. Most people think I’m a very well organised, structured person, but in fact, I’m not! I just learned to deal with it, and digital organisers are my best friends. Without them, I would even forget to eat haha!

Hahaha oh wow – we could never forget to eat. The role of Studio Manager sounds pretty interesting. Walk us through a typical day at Rocycle for you.

I don’t have a typical work day, and that’s what I love about the job to be honest! Every day is different and full of new challenges. There are days where I do mostly office tasks, but on other days I’m a bike mechanic or a motivational speaker.

Sounds like you could never get bored. Dream! What’s your team like? And what is it like working for a company like Rocycle?

My team consists of my amazing studio assistants and, of course, the instructors for Hamburg. I could not imagine a better team, and I’m always happy to see them and to work together! I appreciate the international environment and the interaction with many great people here at Rocycle. I guess every Studio Manager will say that about their team, but I do think my team is the best! I love how I see friendships developing within the team, how they ride together and how they keep up a great energy in the studio.

Let’s back up a minute. How did you find your way to Rocycle?

Actually, Rocycle found its way to me! After I quit my previous job, I knew it was time for something new, and I wanted to hold the space for a new experience. Not even a month later, I received a message from Lyssa.

Thank god for Lyssa! Scoping out all the best talent around the world. What did you do for work before you joined Rocycle?

I studied Art History, so I have a very different background. I worked in a gallery, and then I was in retail for quite a long time. But a certain point, I was so done with the whole overconsumption in fashion retail that I just quit!

We can imagine your new role is even more fulfilling. We love the idea of working with people, changing lives. That whole Rocycle schpiel! Speaking of, do you Ro’ride?

Yes, and I love it! To be honest, I underestimated the intensity of the rides when I did my first class haha! But I immediately fell in love with it.

That’s pretty much the party line. It’s tough at first, but then it’s the most addictive thing around. Is there anything exciting in the works for you or your team at Rocycle in the coming months?

In general, we’re growing so much that we always have exciting times ahead! We’re excited to welcome even more people to our studios and to watch our community grow!

Ok, favourite things about working at Rocycle. Shoot!

  • The international environment and the great people.

  • Having the possibility to do a Ro’ride, especially during a lunch break!

  • The variety that comes with the job. And how about working out at Rocycle?

  • The instructors that make every ride unique and who will make you feel super energised and happy.

  • The great feeling after the rides.

  • And, last but not least, the feeling of togetherness during the rides.

We know it’s hard to pick, but could you describe your best day at Rocycle to date?

There is not one day that was “the best.” When you focus on the small things, you find great experiences every day. Whether it be a team ride, a great conversation or visits from my Amsterdam colleagues, every day can be amazing!

Too true. Ok, we’re got one more. What does Rocycle mean to you?

For me, Rocycle is a great place to work and to grow! We are on a journey together and constantly finding ways to improve. I love being part of a young, dynamic company. Seeing our riders leave the studio with a smile on their face is the best feeling!