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Music curator DJ Kinnari

Words bylogo Hayley
  1. So, we know you’re a DJ and we love the cool, curated playlists you’ve created for our lobbies. Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with music?

When I was a child, I often went to Thailand with my family. My parents used to put on this CD with Thai songs whenever we would drive home. At parties, they would always sing karaoke, so my connection with music started at a very young age. Through my elementary and high school years I was part of the school choir and after school I always watched these cool music videos together with my brother on TMF and MTV. As I grew older my affinity with music never stopped and I started to develop my interests more and more. 

2. How do you pick the perfect music for the perfect moment, event or space?

Good preparation is key. I like to really imagine myself being there. How it would be as an individual being there, at the event or space. This way, I can really get more into depth with the music, surroundings and place. While keeping this in mind I try to create a good balance between what suits the moment and the crowd. Often this work very well for me, because I can really connect my music choice together with the event or space.

3. Best genres or songs to get motivated?

How about to chill outI would say to get motivated: Hip-hop or pop. I love good, noticeable, beats and inspiring lyrics to really get me fired up. To chill out: Jazz or Neo Soul always brings me to perfect relaxation. The combination between melody, instruments and beautiful voices are a perfect match. 

4. Where do you find new music?

What inspires youI get inspired by my friends and family and the people around me. The parties and events I go to, the experiences. These always play a role in discovering new music and getting to know different genres. My music interest exists out of a wide variety, I always find it interesting to discover new artists, producers and songs. A lot of gems are also found on Soundcloud. 

5. You can listen to only one song for the rest of your life - which song is it?

It would probably be: Sade - Your Love Is King