Plant a tree

Words bylogo Hayley

There’s no planet B

Let’s face it. The earth, our earth is in a dire situation. If we don’t change our habits soon and take care of our planet, we’ll be in even bigger trouble very soon. We must work together to make our world a better place. With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re even more focused on sustainability and the health of the planet than ever. That’s why we are challenging you, our dear Ro’fam, to make a healthier, happier planet a reality. We’re challenging you to ride 8 times in 30 days! if you hit the studio just twice a week for a month, we’ll plant a tree in your honour. We’re working with Trees for All, a fantastic organisation that aims to combat climate change and increase biodiversity. They work to protect our existing forests, plant new trees and teach us that each of us can make a difference. When you complete the Ride & Plant a Tree, Trees for All will find the perfect spot to plant your tree. You’ll receive a personal certificate for your tree so you can see the difference you’ve made.It feels good to do good, so ride with us this month. After all, there’s no planet B.