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Power of Habits

Words bylogo Hayley

We all have ambitions and dreams. I want to have this, I want to be that. But how are you going to get there? How can we be our best selves and live our best lives? The answer is easy and difficult at the same time. The secret is hidden in our daily habits. It’s to focus less on the giant dreams, but on the everyday process of changing our thinking.   Habits give structure to our everyday life’s. It’s these small, everyday behaviours we do on autopilot that account for so much of how we spend our time and energy – and how we spend our time and energy is ultimately what creates our life’s.  So, what gets you to where you want are habits, that’s the power of daily habits. There are negative habits that you have a hard time getting rid of. Smoking, drinking, scrolling on social media, whatever your negative daily habit is. But there are other habits that discipline, like working every day, taking steps to get reach your goals, do things beneficial for your health and energy. It’s these habits that are immensely liberating and powerful.  Now how can we change our bad habits and create new ones? The two most important things that you need to know about changing a habit is this. Number #1, changing your identity, the beliefs you have about yourself, about who you are. Think of your dreams and desires. How would I live my life being that person? Write down the habits you imagine yourself to have in that life, and then integrate them into your life in the now.  A quick and easy tip we have for that are affirmations. Consistently telling yourself things about who you want to be. If you repeatedly say out loud that you’re someone who’s very present, you will live to be more present.  Number two is your environment. No matter how strong your willpower is, your environment will win over time. This is about the people you surround yourself with but it’s also about how your life is set up, like your house or your phone. For example, you want to be more present and spend less time scrolling on your phone? Put a time limit on your apps.  [Sometimes when thinking of the things we want we focus too much on the big picture. We overlook the small steps you can take towards your goals every day. But that’s the secret to arrive at our desired destinations: the daily habits that structure and make our lives.]  [Your habits have the power to change your life.] [Integrating good habits, and eliminating bad ones starts with your belief system. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Tell yourself every day and live by this. Set up your life as the person you aspire to be, and you will be.]