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The Law of Assumption

Words bylogo Hayley

Do you ever dream so big you don’t know how to get there? Or you’ve been wanting something for so long but it hasn’t happened for you yet? Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing but never arriving? That’s because you have to realize you are already in it. You have to bring your desired future into the now by assuming it already is. It is the cheat code to life: The Law of Assumption. A way of manifesting your dreams is by having a state of mind and a strong feeling that those dreams and desires have already been fulfilled. That’s because achieving the desired goal has everything to do with your state of mind, rather than mere action. The Universe doesn’t want you to chase it. The Universe wants you to realize that you are already in it. And just Be. By chasing the things you want, you are implying that they are running away from you, you imply you don’t have it yet, and that way you never will. Instead, shift your mindset and become the things you want and attract them. Be the energy you want to attract. Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings create your world. Everything is connected and everything is happening in the now. When you know you have what you want already, by Law those things will begin to appear in your physical reality. Meaning: You have the power to get anything you want. But any amount of doubt will slow the process down. The key to the Law of Assumption is not just assuming that you already fulfilled your dreams, desires, wishes, and aspirations. It’s strongly believing and feeling that you’re worthy of it as well. You have to be on the frequency of your desire completely, by moving into the now, assuming it’s here, and knowing that’s what you deserve. Know what you are. You are so powerful. [When we focus too heavily on chasing our dreams. We subconsciously push them away. To make our desires into reality we have to shift from the feeling of desperacy to the feeling of already being it.] [What are your desires and wishes? Can you imagine it already being in your life? How would you live your life if it was?] [The key to using the Law of Assumption to manifest your desires is to assume and live in the feeling and energy of your wish fulfilled.] [ We receive exactly what we expect to receive.]