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Welcome to Rocycle

Rocycle is an effective, sweaty and fun workout that takes your mind off everything. We make our community fit and happy. 
Every day. Every ride.

Our full-body 45- & 60-minute workouts on a bike are uplifting experiences. Set to candlelight and fueled by epic beats, our classes are made to give you that natural high. Ride the energy of the pack as you pedal out of the saddle for most of the class, training your core and raising your heart rate. All our classes our taught in English. You will train your upper body with hand weights and handlebar push-ups, then finish with head-to-toe stretching. Our workouts take your mind off everything, as you feel the endorphins rushing through your body. In an hour, you will walk out completely revitalized.

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Music is our mantra

Each class rocks a unique playlist handpicked by your instructor, from deep house and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and French house. Feel the chills from each song, let the beats lift you up and get carried away by the energy of the tracks. It can get a little emotional in here – go with it! We like to call it the happiness effect.

Check out our Spotify for some sound-spiration.

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